About Lynda Valliche


Born in Colorado and raised in Hawaii ( well, some detours along the way) and now based in Los Angeles, I  have always had a conscious, intuitive connection with nature and the stars above and an  awareness of Spirit as Energy in Nature.

My life Journey has been to  bring JOY and the truth of who you are to allow more to show up.  Limiting beliefs and implanted thoughts are only there until they are replaced with infinite possibilities.  I often say that awareness and trust in human beings is key to changing the way people relate to Earth and to one another.  I have studied and incorporated many modalities and am a Felicitator and always looking to create something unique and out of the ordinary.  I started my studies of Energy and the unordinary as a teenager. I then learned Reiki and and taught it in the Wellness Center I created in Honolulu. I studied Bowen from a teacher from the UK and cupping from a Korean Buddhist Monk, Myopractic from the man himself. Toning and sound with Jonathan Goldman, Vision,creativity & Intuition with Carolyn Myss and Norman Shealy,  Using Essential Oil for healing the Body by Dr. Penoel (from France). The Sedona Method with Hale Dwoskin and many more, too many to mention.  Studying with many other teachers, I have also studied with the founders of Access Consciousness Dain Heer and Gary Douglas among many other authentic teachers and friends.  I draw on all of these teachings and have discovered and created a unique practice of personal transformation for you.

Why would you  want to do what has already been created,  when the same amount of effort can be directed to creating something new and exciting?   After all isn’t that why we chose to come into human form here on Earth?    I will listen to what you want with my awareness so that I can help you achieve it.     I open up the space so  all can show up.

“I am happiest when I am able to see Eyes cry with excitement, because they did it.”  Trust has been born within another and now they can go out and achieve whatever brings them JOY  and Success over and over again with Ease.

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