Changing what affects your field of energy

Are you aware of what can affect your mood, when you are unaware? Paying attention to your surroundings and how you are reacting to what is present.

I might be sappy but I get really happy when I have created a smile

Sometimes I wonder why some people choose to think small rather than being larger than the issue at hand. I know I have caught myself being so rushed that I was not considerate to another driver and after the fact realized I was so focused on getting some where that I didn’t allow an opportunity […]

Are you a good listener? Or do you tend to talk more than listen?

In my experience I have found that listening 80% of the time and speaking 20% of the time has given me way more value. I am able to hear what is important to the person I am with. I can ask appropriate questions, that will allow the other person to know that I am really […]

The value of remembering birthdays

Today’s world has become rushed and focused on what I have to do in order to………… you fill in blank. The special moment’s get pushed to the side or forgotten. That’s why I found something Fun and easy to do for those who are special to me. Its a way to capture a time now […]

The Power of Thanks

We’ve all heard that an attitude of gratitude is a recipe for success.  This is true in more ways than one.  Gratitude is an energy that tells the universe, “I enjoy and appreciate what I’ve experienced” and it sends out a signal to all who you meet that “they are appreciated.”  When people feel appreciated, […]

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