I might be sappy but I get really happy when I have created a smile

Sometimes I wonder why some people choose to think small rather than being larger than the issue at hand. I know I have caught myself being so rushed that I was not considerate to another driver and after the fact realized I was so focused on getting some where that I didn’t allow an opportunity to do something kind. Yes, seems very low level of importance, but is it? When an act of kindness from a stranger is created at some level it affects¬† my world. So when I am consciously aware of all of my surroundings and what I can do to help it be better, everything starts to change. Opportunities come forth, other people are more gentle etc. So if today I can bring a smile to a strangers face, I have shifted a whole lot more. And I,¬† too get to smile about how nice that felt. The small things matter!

Have a Beautifully Awesome Day!

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