Reiki in Las Vegas

Reiki reduces stress and relieves tension. Reiki Master Lynda Valliche has been providing Reiki sessions in since 1997. Her experience and skills with Reiki and other energy modalities have been beneficial to her many clients, who describe her work as “energizing”, “relaxing”, “tranformative” and “powerful”. Lynda is a Reiki master and a Tibetan Reiki practitioner as well. She has developed skills in complimentary modalities such as sound healing, color therapy, crystals and Access Consciousness. Lynda will be doing Reiki in Las Vegas the week of June 10th this year.

Reiki was developed in Japan and enjoys large support in Asian societies and is currently used by many Western medical practitioners, nurses and hospitals as a complement to their traditional treatments. Lynda has used Reiki attunements in the hospice environment to help them prepare for transition. She has also done energy work on stroke victims and has had great reports from many who could feel her radiative energy and kindness.

Reiki provides energy enhancing, life force revitalization. The environment in big cities like Los Angeles are filled with stress and anxiety producing energy and that is compounded by the pollution. With a Reiki session, you replenish body and soul so you can be your best even under such stressful conditions. Lynda offers Reiki sessions that are gentle, nurturing and individually tailored for each client. A 60-minute session can leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed as if you had been on a relaxing vacation. If you are looking for Reiki in Los Angeles, then you will find Lynda to be a highly aware, confidential and powerful Reiki master with a gentle and nurturing approach to her practice. Lynda will be doing Reiki in Las Vegas and is available for full day energy sessions by appointment during most of the year. She can also do remote energy and Reiki healing sessions by appointment.

Reiki healing can also be effective from a distance, by telephone or SKYPE. Contact Lynda to find out more at 310-736-0172.

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