The value of remembering birthdays

Today’s world has become rushed and focused on what I have to do in order to………… you fill in blank. The special moment’s get pushed to the side or forgotten. That’s why I found something Fun and easy to do for those who are special to me. Its a way to capture a time now or from the past and create a special card for them and then the system prints it and mails it to them. I have had people tell me how it felt when they opened it up. They keep it on their desk and it always brings a smile. Or it arrived on a very stressful day and allowed them a moment to smile and forget all of that. It is so rewarding to me, knowing that I changed their day with my creativity and thoughts of what they like and put it into something that means so much. All people want is to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Gratitude  is  so  powerful,  who  are  you  grateful  for?  Have  you  told  that  person  how  thankful  you  are  for  them  lately?  Now’s  your  chance,  send  them  a  free  “Thank  You”  card  today.  The  first  10  people  who  visits me below and  want  to  show  gratitude  will  get  to  send  a  free  card  that you can design in  the  mail!

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