Vintage Chloe Narcisse

Vintage Chloe Narcisse :

Vintage Chloe Narcisse is a floral fragrance with a major daffodil influence. Vintage Chloe Narcisse is feminine, sweet, with a perfect bitter note for contrast. It is quite intense and a little goes a long way. The top notes include blossom, carnation, delicate violet, peach, pineapple and sweet orange blossom with a hint of violet. Vintage Choloe Narcisse has a heart of carnation, gardenia, jasmine and rose. At the Base of Vintage Choloe Narcisse is cedar, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Vintage Chloe Narcisse was launched in 1992.

Vintage Chloe Narcisse is a beautiful balance of sweet and spicy with a feminine softness. While it is assuredly a floral, it is no indolic and is not piercing but softly sweet in a natural way. The complex composition of notes is beautifully orchestrated . I would describe it as a bouquet of sweet florals, rose, narcissi and hint of desert peaches, plums and apricots offset with hint allspice and a touch of metallic jasmine.

Vintage Chloe Narcisse is a truly deeply feminine fragrance, luscious and thick, dark and yet ironically projecting a feeling of softness and lightness. It is a fragrance of sublime contrasts.

Like a perfect symphonic composition, no one not stands out. Vintage Chloe Narcisse was truly a work of genius in my opinion and any collector of classic and vintage fragrances will want this one on the shelf.


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