Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou

Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou

Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou opens with a magnificent mandarin orange and definitive green bergamot.  Early into its heart, orange marries with potent carnation ylang-ylang florals which perfectly compliment the underlying rose even as oakmoss and vanilla rise from the base adding an underlying sheen of powdery sandalwood, tonka bean and amber and a perfect mild sweetness.

As the dry down matures Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou the yland-yland, organe, powdery vanilla, sandalwood and amber all persist as a hint of animalic musk and beautifully integrated civit bring synergy and balance to this magnificent fragrance. Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou has excellent project and longevity in the 6 – 10 hour range.

Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou is rich, radiant and potently sexy and yet sublimely so.  For me the greatest curiosity of this vintage masterpiece is in the heart notes, where some dense but sublime florals are played contrasting one another. This elegant mixture of slightly sweet and bitter components provide a projection soft spoken beauty.

Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou embodies a fashionable reticence that reflects the olfactory awareness and confidence of Patou’s confidence and character in my opinion.

Vintage Sublime by Jean Patou is a timeless classic and among the most softly spoken and yet potently sensual masterpieces of fragrance. Every connoisseur of the classic vintage fragrances will want this one in the arsenal of vintage classics. Men, you will love this on your partner in my opinion.

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